Riken Kagaku Kogyo Co., Ltd.
Affiliated Company
Riken Chemical & Co.
After being established in 1972, Riken Kagaku Kogyo co., Ltd. has accumulated nad improved on numerous techonologies as a porous resin maker. The company's history has continued as the use of brush pens has expanded and developed. After more than 30 years, We have been able to find understanding of and acceptance for products using our porous resin technologies.
Since the establishment of our company, there have been two major oil crises, and a period high growth during the economic bubble and intense deflation as a result of the bubble's bursting; but we are finally seeing the end of that deflation. However, with the development of the personal computer, the stationery industry has decreased as people are traditional pens, pencils and paper less. As a result, our company is usually trying to improve the quality of brush pens so that people who rarely get a chance to use traditional brush pens can be able to do so more easily and casually.
Because our quality policy and process management based on ISO9001, we have confidence that Riken Kagaku Kogyo Co. Ltd. will continue to improve for our customers because of our excellent quality control.  Moreover, we are researching projects specific to our customers’ need faster than ever. Because our techniques and products are of the highest quality, we are continually developing methods for the application of our technologies not only for our traditional markets, but also for a wide variety of different uses and companies. Riken Kagaku Kogyo Co. Ltd., as an entrepreneurial company, feels that continued development and research are of utmost importance, and that not moving forward is essentially giving up and quitting.  We are striving to always further develop and refine our existing technologies and reliability and at the same time incessantly push the envelope of originality for our product research and development. Our mission is to steadily move toward the future while realizing the importance of further developing the results of this high technology for society.
Representative director:Michio Otsuki

Company Profile
Corprate name Riken Kagaku Kogyo CO., Ltd  
Company overview 1970 Established
1972 Incorporated
Capital 20,000,000yen  
Office Factory headquarters
2-25-28 Kasuganishimachi Hirakata-c. OSAKA 573-0136 JAPAN
Activities 1.Manufacture and sales of stamp material which uses plastic.
2.Manufacture and sales of quality porous resin
3.Manufacture and sales of cosmetics
4.All business incidental to the support of 1-3
Director composition President and Representative Director: Michio Otsuki
Executive Director: Rie Hirayama
Bank Affiliations Bank of Kyoto, Tsuda branch
Kansai Mirai Bank, Katano branch
Employees 18 people  
Affiliated Company Riken Chemical & Co.  
Company History
1968 Founder Otsuki Noboru  Porous stamp materials (preinked stamps) product research begun.
1970 ethod of manufacturing stamp materials which uses plastic developed.
Japan-U.S. Patent application
1971 Sales of EVA porous stamp materials begun.
1972 Riken Kagaku Kogyo Co. Ltd. Established, Representative Director Noboru Otsuki.
1973 Research and Development office established.
1974 Manufacturing molding method for lead pore products.
Katsura Roller Mfg. Co., Ltd. and joint patent application
1975 Manufacturing molding method for porous products with thermoplastic resin Patent applicatiion
Sales begun and material for made of polyurethane porous quality nib for brush pen.
1976 Headquarters moved to 2-2-52 Inaba Higashi-Osaka City Osaka Prefecture.
The capital increased to 10,000,000 yen.
Process production begun for nib of brush pen.
1977 Pass new business examination by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry.
Factory transferred to 2-25-28 Kasuganishimachi Hirakata City Osaka Prefecture  Hirakata industrial estate.
1979 Sales begun for EVA porous quality injection molding goods
1980 Sales begun for NBR porous system quality sintering material.
1982 Sales begun for eyeliner nib cosmetics made of polyurethane.
1989 The research and development office is started as Riken Chemical & Co.
1992 Representative Director Seiko Otsuki appointed after the death of former Representative Director.
1995 Second floor partially destroyed in fire. Restoration completed two months later
Headquarters moved to 2-25-28 Kasuganishimachi Hirakata City Osaka Prefecture Hirakata industrial estate.
2001 Representative director Michio Otsuki appointed.
2003 The Capital increased to 20,000,000 yen.
2008 Selected to Core Technology Improvement Supporting Project in Osaka and developed"Automatic Mounting Press"
2009 Received the prize of Monozukuri excellent company in Osaka 2008.
2012 Sales begun for Olefin Elastomer oily porous nib.
2013 Selected to Trial,development and supporting subsidy project for Monozukuri-Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises and Small-scale business operators.
2014 Succeede in the development of ultrafine pen nib for eyeliners
2016 Selected to Monozukuri,Commerce and Service innovation subsidy project.
Resignation of Chairman Seiko Otsuki.
2017 Completed the mold chips (without grinding).
Selected to subsidy project of innovative Monozukuri, Commerce and Service.
Joint study initiatied with Universities.
New system, 1year in development, to boost our production capacity to 20,000,000pcs/month nearing completion!

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